Christian Outreach Foundation

Reaching Out & Giving Back

What We Do


Christian Outreach Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which was founded by John D. Lucas, Jr. in 2007. From 2010-2014 Christian Outreach Foundation provided “Outreach Afterschool”, a free after school program in east Austin to support underprivileged kids. The extremely high level of crime, drug use, and negligence among youth of these ages drew this organization to implement a Christian based program to keep them out of trouble and to teach them about Christ. John D. Lucas, Jr. passed away on December 27, 2014, disabling the funding for Outreach Afterschool. However, in his honor Christian Outreach Foundation will continue to carryout his founding mission and donate to all programs and charities which he held near and dear to his heart. Christian Outreach Foundation is determined to follow God’s will to protect and guide children who lack the resources to do so themselves.


To put Christian principles into practice by providing education, leadership, and developmental activities, which promote moral excellence, self-confidence, community support, and positive opportunities for at-risk youth.



Christian Outreach Foundation provides a safe and nurturing environment for underprivileged children in low income families and seeks to:

  •   Keep youth from engaging in criminal activity
  •  Teach the word of the Lord
  •   Teach the importance of education & health
  •   Help hard working parents
  •   Better the community

How We Got Started

Christian Outreach Foundation was incorporated in June 2005 by John D. Lucas, Jr., a man who had his life changed by Christ, and is a devoted Christian. He took a chance in wanting to improve the community, and put God’s word to work through tithing. Kaylie Lucas and Elizabeth Hart were hired in 2009 and began working on their idea for Outreach Afterschool which moved into a reality from August of 2010 to December of 2014. These two young ladies have a love for the Lord and strongly believe that he sent them on this mission and with his guidance, they will change the lives of children.