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JOHN D. LUCAS, JR. – Founder

John D. Lucas, Jr. was the founding President of Christian Outreach Foundation, which he started in April 2005. He donated over a million dollars to Christian Outreach Foundation between 2009-2014 in support of Outreach Afterschool. Although, Outreach Afterschool is now closed, Christian Outreach Foundation will continue on in his honor, with his mission in mind.
John D. Lucas, Jr. was the President of the Board of Directors for Christian Outreach Foundation from 2005-2014. He was an extremely generous donor of both money and resources. John is from Corpus Christi, TX and attended college at the University of Texas, Austin where he played on the baseball team until 1978. After college John Lucas, Jr. ventured into the Oil & Gas Industry and in 1983 started his first company, Petrofluids. In 1987 John started another oil & gas company, Lion Resources, which he owned and operated for 12 years. In 1999 John started Drill-Chem, LLC. John D. Lucas, Jr. successfully managed his business, family, and life. He had 3 children named John D., III (1984), Kaylie Jo (1987), and Christian James (1993), as well as 2 grandchild named John D., IV. “Jack” (2009) and James Ryan (2006) who he was completely devoted to. John was a strong provider, leader, and follower of Christ that has made this organization possible. He enjoyed golfing, his son’s football games, spending time with his family, bible study, and sports.


Board of Directors



Kaylie Lucas is CEO of Christian Outreach Foundation and founder of Outreach Afterschool and Teach & Outreach. Kaylie is the head of all operations pertaining to COF. In this role she focuses on strategic planning, marketing, public relations, fundraising, event planning, donor development, operations management, growth and development for Christian Outreach. Kaylie leads and oversees operations to create and develop donation efforts, media, and structure.

Kaylie Lucas is a Business and Marketing graduate of St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. Kaylie has both managing and marketing experience from work at Peyton’s Place in Austin. She also has office managing and sales experience from Drill-Chem, LLC. Kaylie also has volunteered several hours to a variety of child related non profit organizations. Kaylie is the daughter of the president of the board.


Peter Prescott is an insightful board member of the Christian Outreach Foundation who provides an abundance of spiritual guidance, religious resources, and ministry input. Pete is from Corpus Christi, TX. He began his business ventures and entrepreneurship in 1978. Business ventures which he owned and/ or operated include: Oil and Gas Services, Restaurants, and Automobile Dealerships. In November of 2008 Peter Prescott retired and is now in full time ministry at Quiet Time Ministries. He has been a pastor at Quiet Time ministries from in conception in 2002. Peter Prescott is also involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) through his work as a pastor. Peter is a loving and devoted Christian family man. He enjoys golf, worship, mentoring, and family time.


Andrew R. Grabato is a dedicated member of the board bringing insight in the financial and fundraising aspect to the Christian Outreach Foundation. Born in the Panhandle of Texas, Mr. Grabato attended Woodberry Forest School, a boarding preparatory school in central Virginia. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Mr. Grabato gained further knowledge working at Oppenheimer and Co. Inc. and Merrill Lynch at the Global Headquarters in New York City. Currently, Mr. Grabato spends his time between New York, New York and Austin, Texas. Mr. Grabato is currently involved with various charities and organizations such as a charter member of the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce, The Boys Club of New York and a committee member in this years upcoming East Hampton Benefit for the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation.

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Richie Rodriguez is a valued board member of the Christian Outreach Foundation.  He was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX and moved in 2001 to attend the University of Texas at Austin.  He graduated from UT in 2005 and remains in Austin while he continues to pursue his career throughout the communities of Texas as an esteemed Mortgage Banker and Real Estate Broker. Richie Rodriguez enjoys spending his time devoted to Christ, helping others, hanging out with friends and family, flying as a private pilot, hunting, golfing and biking.


Elizabeth A. Hart is the former Executive Director of Christian Outreach Foundation and co-founder of Outreach Afterschool. As a graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas with a focus in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, Elizabeth gained previous non-profit experience as the Entertainment Intern for Rodeo Austin in 2009. As of 2014, Elizabeth focuses her efforts as a Licensed Realtor with Austin Luxury Realty and remains on the Board of Directors for the Christian Outreach Foundation. Elizabeth has served on the Community Committee of Austin Young Chamber of Commerce and partakes in Austin Young Real Estate Professionals.