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Children who are left to care for themselves during after school hours are at a greater risk of engaging in juvenile crime, earning lower grades and poor attendance, substance abuse and becoming a victim of crime.

Afterschool programs provide structured activities that help in developing social, emotional, and conflict resolution skills that are imperative for life success. Afterschool programs extend learning time and provide for a safe environment. Children who attend such programs are less likely to take part in risk-taking behavior and have fewer absences from school.


  • Children below poverty level in Austin – 27%
  • Poverty rate among people who did not graduate high school in families – 42%
  • 35% of 12 year olds are left alone while their parents work
  • As many as 15 million kids go home to an empty house each afternoon
  • Juvenile crime triples after school
  • Teens who do not engage in afterschool programs are three times as likely to skip class or use drugs and alcohol
  • 60% of school-age children in Texas do not have access to quality, affordable after-school care
  • Children who attend afterschool programs are two times less likely to use drugs
  • 26% of K-12 youth in Texas are left to take care of themselves after school
  • 91% of parents in Texas are happy with the after school program their child attends


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