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Outreach Afterschool

Outreach Afterschool was a free after-school program Christian Outreach Foundation hosted at Oak Springs Elementary in East Austin from August 2010-December 2014.

Outreach Afterschool opened in Fall 2010 with 30 kids and as of Fall 2013 we now have 75 kids! Outreach Afterschool provides a safe, nurturing, and great learning environment for underprivileged kids at Oak Springs Elementary.

Outreach Afterschool from Christian Outreach Foundation on Vimeo.

Outreach Afterschool Video

What Outreach Afterschool Offers:

  • Recess/ Organized Sports Activities
  • Snack Time
  • Homework Help
  • Bible Study
  • Arts & Crafts Activities
  • Computer Lab Lessons
  • Life Skills Activities
  • Gardening & Other Projects
Special Holiday Events at Outreach Afterschool:
  • October- Fall Festival
  • November- Thanksgiving Dinner for all Kids and their Families
  • December- Christmas Celebration including a Christmas play and Christmas Giving
  • February- Celebration of St. Valentine
  • April- Easter Celebration “The Last Supper” Dinner for the kids and Easter Egg hunt
  • May- Summer Gifts and end of year party for the kids

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