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Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays take place every Friday at Outreach Afterschool. This is definitely the kids favorite day! Since they have no homework on Fridays we get extra room in the schedule to throw a party for the kids.

Every Friday we have local Austin restaurants donate food for all the kids, and the kids get prizes for Outstanding Student.

Fun Friday Sponsors donate the food items for all of our kids to enjoy on Friday. We have had several restaurants as well as individuals sponsor our Fun Fridays at Outreach Afterschool.

We are in need of Fun Friday sponsors for 2014!

If you are interested in sponsoring a Fun Friday please contact us at 512.482.9176 or


Thank You to our Fun Friday 2013/2014 Sponsors:

                 Mick Doherty                          Andrew Grabato                         Kaylie Lucas                

    Aaron Ross                                   Christian Vu


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